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Paint Pots Montessori Schools

Paint Pots Montessori Schools and Creative Classes are a group consisting of 4 accredited Montessori Nursery Schools. These schools are in Bayswater, Hyde Park and Chelsea and The Boltons. Alongside the schools, we run creative classes for children are based at The Boltons and Bayswater.

Heart Montessori

Heart Montessori

Heart Montessori is an International Consultancy focused on initiatives in early-years and primary education, helping with policy, planning, training and business strategies.

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Georgina Hood Reiki

Reiki is commonly translated to mean "Universal life energy". The energy is around us, within us and all living things.

Most people feel deeply relaxed and peaceful when they receive a Reiki treatment. Some people feel warmth in their body others feel a cold tingly sensation.

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Kipungani Schools Trust

The Kipungani Schools Trust aims to be the best of British philanthropy in Africa. It is a small-scale charity that is effective, empowering and enriching. By carefully rebuilding and enlarging primary schools with the cooperation and support of their local communities, The Kipungani Schools Trust offers Kenyan children and their families a hand-up, not a hand-out.